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Behind These Eyes: My Journey through Alcoholism, Fear and Uncertainty.

Even as a teenager, Kendra knew she drank differently than her friends and by the time she was in college she discovered two startling facts.

I knew two things my senior year of college. The first thing was that Alcoholics were hopeless, rarely did they ever quit drinking. Instead, they lived miserable sad lives, ruining everything they touched. The second thing I knew without a doubt was that I was an alcoholic.”

As Kendra moved through her life, she tried to keep her disease at bay. She graduated college, learned how to box, started her own business, and got married. However, when her drinking finally hit an all-time high, causing everyone in her family to abandon her, she realized she had to get help. Kendra’s journey to get and stay sober was not an easy one. Juggling financial hardship, a failed marriage and being the sole provider of her two children, all the while putting sobriety above everything else.

Whether it was getting sober, testifying in court, or trying to melt the heart of a broken man. Every obstacle she overcame showed Kendra that she was morphing into a better version of herself. What started off as choosing the hard path to survive Alcoholism turned into seeking out difficult situations to become the woman she was meant to be.

Kendra’s story will take you on a roller-coaster of emotions. There will be tears, anger, laughter, and joy as Kendra rebuilds her life from the damage that was self-inflicted, and the damage she suffered from others. You’re invited into the most intimate of life’s situations that many of us face. All the while unearthing the alcoholic mind and its many idiosyncrasies.

Behind These Eyes: My Journey through Alcoholism, Fear and Uncertainty is more than a memoir, it is a story about learning to embrace the hurdles life throws at us to become the person we are truly meant to be.

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